Hi, my name is Maryann and I’m writing from Italy. I’m 58 years old and since I was very young I’ve always suffered with headache.
In the beginning it wasn’t too bad, but growing up it became worse and worse. I used to pass my days in silent dark rooms, without going out with my friends.
Almost every day I had to take medicines just to be able to do simple things. Some days I brought my son to school and I wasn’t able to go back home and so I waited for four or five hours sitting in my car waiting the end of my son’s lessons and go home with him.
My family just walked around me on tiptoe to let me rest.
I saw many doctors and tried many preventive medicine. The only thing I obtained was to feel as a zombie. I was afraid to go out alone and to drive. I was very depressed.
On December 2014 I made contact with a doctor that was using as a treatment for migraine a Ketogenic diet.
On January 2015, after blood tests, I’ve started my diet. I felt very good since the beginning. From a daily headache I’ve passed to one/two maximum days of pain per month and they are very easy to combact, sometimes they go away only with a couple of cups of a good Italian coffee, sometimes else I need to take a medicine, but very rarely.
I’m full of energy, I sleep very well. I’ve lost all my overweight. My blood tests are perfect and no pain! What else can I want??
I love my new life and my family too.
I hope I can be on a Ketogenic diet for a long time. I don’t have any difficult without carbs and there are a lot of low carb recipes that I like to make when I have cravings.


ciao, I ask sorry to everybody for my incorrect englesh. I suffer from cluster buster headache from more than 30 years. I’m episodic, 4 months a year. my CH is very painful and aggressive. I can sleep max 2-3 hour a night. from about 16 years I decide to don’t use any medical treatment. in the beginnig of december when CH start I discovered the chetogenic diet. for me was really surprise. after 20 days of diet, pain was disappeared. sometimes I still have a very very light discomfort but not any pain.


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I started the ketogenic diet in November 2014.

Until then, I suffered from chronic cluster headache and chronic migraine with and without aura.

Migraine appeared in the first years of my life, as I remember myself suffering that pain already at the nursery school; while cluster headache appeared in my late twenties, I do not have precise memories about that because it was a period of great changes in my life and I had little time to think about my sickness. I only remember that I swallowed any medications that I could find to be able to live.

Migraine turned chronic even before I became an adult, while cluster headache turned chronic in the early 2000s.

In the last 10 years, until February 2015, I must have had hardly 30 days without cluster headache, while migraine gave me breath a few hours on a few days per month, but for the rest of my days my head was always plunged into the pain.

Thinking about my life, as long as I lived with my birth family nobody has ever wanted to talk about my sickness, as if it was something to be ashamed of. I wondered why we could talk about the others’ illness while we had to conceal mine.

Unfortunately when it’s your head to hurt, people think it depends on brain problems, and that so much pain can only be caused by wrong behavior or attitude.

It comes to my mind one of my sisters asking me a thousand of questions about what I had done to get such a vomit and other effects of the pain, she could not understand how was it possible, while I felt that everybody in my family thought I was the cause of all that sickness.

Later on, when many doctors too said it was impossible to have headache every day, even I gradually started to think I myself was the cause of my sickness. That is the worse thought I’ve ever made.

How long it took to understand that my head was right and that the “only” problem I had was a disease mostly unknown at that time.

I’ve grown up this way, always with my head aching little or much every day, even if I only counted days with a strong pain, otherwise nobody would believe me – indeed they never believed me.

Mariella, a childhood friend of mine I’m still in touch with, told me that she well remembers my perpetual sickness, she also remembers all the times they brought me home from school because of the strong pain.

It makes me feel good listening to her words, they are like a precious balm that heals many wounds, it is as if I took care of the little girl I was and of her sickness, although that little girl made it despite everything.

Here self-confidence reaches vertiginous peaks.

In my life I’ve tried all sorts of things with scarce and fluctuating benefits, until I started the ketogenic diet. By now it’s more than a year I’ve been following it

Results: cluster headache expired on 2nd April 2015, and migraine attacks firstly halved and since last 10th January I’ve only had 10 hours of pain, and not even too strong.

I’ll keep on following the ketogenic diet as far as I can, my blood test are ok and I’m fine. I’m almost 65 and I’ve got the energy of a girl of 18

I feel a deep love for those who suffer from these diseases, and I would like that SHE (headache) had the right visibility.

I fight for that and sometimes discouragement overwhelms me.

You just cannot let that a pain that accompanies a person for her/his lifetime goes unnoticed. No, you just cannot.

Thank you so much to all those who always help us.

I love you


Ferrara (Italy)

P.S.I asked Rita (my son’s fiancée) to translate this text for me, unfortunately I have not a word of English.


My migraine starts with the arrival of menarche at the age of 12 and since then has always been present in my life, with stops only during my pregnancy! When I was young it was associated with vomiting and stomach ache. After few years, only headache. I visited several headaches and followed all prescribed treatement centers throughout Italy, moreover I tried two or three times with the acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, psychiatrists. Unfortunately none of these treatments was effective. In 1997 I was hospitalized for 10 days in the hospital in Milan to detox myself from drugs I had to take every day, and after being discharged I also abandoned the prescription they gace me, because worsened my headache. I kept going on visits with neurologists but always with bad results. After trying with other medications I definitely resigned. Then my doctor in mid-February 2016 began to prescribe me the ketogenic diet based on a food replacement based on a specific formula of protein powders specifically developed for neurological purposes and only vegetables with a maximum daily of 50 grams of carbohydrate. After only three days, I went into ketosis and I left the painkillers. Currently, at the end of February, it is about 15 days which, despite having a slight headache, it goes away by itself! I am very pleased considering the 51 years that I keep suffering of migraines. Thanks God, there is the ketogenic diet.
Giusy – Milano – Italy

Riccardo Filmaker

Here the experience of Riccardo Filmaker:

I’ve experienced the Keto diet for 2 months last year and I’m currently a member of the Ketogenic Diet Page here on FB. I’ve tried it under control of my doctor and anyone who wants to try it, has to do it under a specialist surveillance. Besides that, I can say that my migraines almost disappeared. Unfortunately I suffer a lot from tens headeache and it seems there’s not much to do with it.


This the experience of Sandra Barilli:

I’m 51 years old and I’ve been suffering from headaches since I was a child. Under the supervision of a headaches-center I tried many prophylaxis and many different triptans (abusing them made them losingtheir effectiveness).
I started my first diet on the first of October, 2014. Before that I
had an average of 14 cephalalgies per month, and I could get reliefonly using triptans. During diet the average is 5 and sometimes I can even getbetter just using a common analgesic: it was never the case before;not only that, but they are also softer!
After the first three months of diet I stopped taking Laroxyl and
Inderal without any problems, actually I even felt better.
I lost about 9 kg of weight, then I made it steady, since I didn’t
need to lose more.
The actual important thing was.. feeling a normal human being! No
fears of having headaches at the worst possible times, no need to besure to have drugs in the purse.. no worries about losing holidays orparties. A new life.
It wasn’t easy, I had to work hard because the desire of eating pasta,fruit, even bread was strong. It’s hard to go to a restaurant with friends or’s difficult to listen to comments about the
weight loss, or about a diet which appears absurd (even to doctors).The worst was my mother, she would offer me bread, pasta, sweets every single day! But even if it was hard, nothing came close to “just” a week of cephalalgies.
Because I work with honey, last April I had to interrupt the diet.
Some months after the pains were back, so as soon as the “honey
season” finished I started the diet again, and I’m currently on it.
This time since I have more experience I’m trying new recipes, and the food is way more tasteful (of course accordingly to the diet). Thus I can please my palate and at the same time have very good results about the headaches. Last month I took only two triptans and two common analgesic, with the latter being less strong than what I was used to. For whoever suffers headaches, whoever is unsure about this method: I strongly advice you to go on this diet. If you have just started: don’t give up, because it is well worth it! 


Fabio Mancioli, 52 y.o., from Florenze, Italy

I am a Cluster headache suffering

My first Cluster started a saturday morning, suddenly, lasting exactly one month. I had no diagnosis, with everything involved in that,. Two or three attacks a day.
After two years of total remission a new cluster started, lasting five weeks this time. No diagnosis again and the migraine drugs were totally useless.
Another year of remission, and another cluster, lasting two months. This time, finally, i had a diagnosis and the neurologist gave me imigran and oxygen.
In a couple years clusters started becoming longer and stronger, while the remission were shorter, until i became chronic. I refused the usual prophylaxis given to clusterheads like me.
I “lived” almost two years in a range of 6/8 attacks a day, at least 3 during the night. sleeping was impossible, and i was spending the day dealing with strong shadows.

Then i found on youtube some videos talking about the successful experimentation of psylocibe (“magic mushrooms”) and other molecules similar to LSD in treating CH.
I found a forum, cluster buster, and started growing my own mushrooms. My life was back, finally.
I made it for three years. Every four or six months the beast was back, but it was killed in three or four “applications”. However i had two or three weeks dealing with it.
On August, 2014, my doctor suggested the keto diet on CH sufferer, since it was very successful with migraine, and i tried. The transition from mushrooms to diet was pretty easy (since that i totally stopped mushrooms). I was in remission when i started it and i still am, but every time i make a mistake with the diet i pay it with night attacks. That is the proof the diet is working, IMHO.
Right now it’s about 18 months since i started it and the remission seems to be more stable than the one i had with mushrooms. There aren’t even those little clusters i had to take using mushrooms.

After the first month i started “bothering” daily Dr. Di Lorenzo about foods, nutrition etc. Now the diet is my regular way of eating. It’s easy to recognize which food i can eat and i don’t have trouble even eating outside with friends. finally i found a working therapy, with no side effects and no drugs.
To be honest there only a little problem dealing with it: opposed to the other headache sufferer, i have always been too slim. While it’s pretty easy to loose weight with this diet,it is also difficult to maintain your weight.
However i had also benefits in the sport I perform as an amateur.

Maria Grazia

my name is Maria Grazia Guerrazzi, 56 years old, I live in Rome, Italy.
My headache started 1973 and kept on until January 2015.
Often I considered euthanasia during those past years because of the pain… the pain was unbearable and one never knows if and when it will have an end.
In December 10th 2014 I went at a Doctor for a visit as a practitioner in order to ask to start the ketogenic prophylaxis against the caphalagy. Since that day I was reborn!

Started the diet, I immediately stopped other drugs ( i usually took anti-epileptics drugs twice a day).
Today, if necessary, I take a painkiller.
Meanwhile I could celebrate my first year without headaches.
Today I can make plans, and I can support initiatives that interest me … I did not remember that you could be so “light” and happy.
Today my family is more relaxed … not only my husband and my son.. but also everyone around me ..

Doc , nickname given to my doctor, has always been for me and for all of us, in the group of persons suffering on headache, a constant and responsive presence. A friend.
I do not know how he does, but has the special gift of always being there, for everyone with tips encouragement, laughter, studies.

I hope that this testimony could be important for other people who have headaches because a normal and beautiful life may be available for everyone: it is easy to follow the diet after learning the rudiments.

your faithfully
Maria Grazia Guerrazzi

Le 13/03/2016 Maria Grazia Guerrazzi