Hi, my name is Maryann and I’m writing from Italy. I’m 58 years old and since I was very young I’ve always suffered with headache.
In the beginning it wasn’t too bad, but growing up it became worse and worse. I used to pass my days in silent dark rooms, without going out with my friends.
Almost every day I had to take medicines just to be able to do simple things. Some days I brought my son to school and I wasn’t able to go back home and so I waited for four or five hours sitting in my car waiting the end of my son’s lessons and go home with him.
My family just walked around me on tiptoe to let me rest.
I saw many doctors and tried many preventive medicine. The only thing I obtained was to feel  as a zombie. I was afraid to go out alone and to drive. I was very depressed.
On December 2014 I made contact with a doctor that was using as a treatment for migraine a Ketogenic diet.
On January 2015, after blood tests, I’ve started my diet. I felt very good since the beginning. From a daily headache I’ve passed to one/two maximum days of pain per month and they are very easy to combact, sometimes they go away only with a couple of cups of a good Italian coffee, sometimes else I need to take a medicine, but very rarely.
I’m full of energy, I sleep very well. I’ve lost all my overweight. My blood tests are perfect and no pain! What else can I want??
I love my new life and my family too.
I hope I can be on a Ketogenic diet for a long time. I don’t have any difficult without carbs and there are a lot of low carb recipes that I like to make when I have cravings.