Maryann’s ketodinner

Since I have started a keto diet for migraine all my friends look at me like an alien.

They are happy because I lost all my over-weight and because I have solved the migraine problem I had since I was very young.

At the same time, however, they are all ready to shoot judgments on the danger of a long term ketosis. According to them a life without carbohydrates is not life, that brain and muscles need sugars to work and so on, but mostly they’re convinced that without carbohydrates it’s a sad life.

I try to explain that it is not so, that I eat more than before and that I don’t miss anything and that I eat even desserts… low carb keto desserts of course!

But they look at me almost with pity and their eyes seem to say, ‘ okay … without carbo she’s getting crazy!’

So tired to explain always the same things I’ve decided to invite them to a keto-dinner at my home.

They accepted just to be kind and I am sure that they said each other that after dinner they could go for a pizza or some spaghetti somewhere.

A couple of them told me that with a barbecue it would be easy to prepare the dinner.

But there wouldn’t be any barbecue that evening because I was going to cook keto dishes.

They were skeptical, and I’m sure they thought that a good barbecue would be better.

I begged them to come without any kind of cakes or ice-cream and if they had had the bright idea to bring desserts the hens were going to eat them … better be clear!

On the evening of the dinner I set up the table with all the good things I’ve prepared and I kept them covered until they all arrived.

I explained that the dinner for them, rather than Keto, was low carb because, unlike me, they did not have to calculate the amount of carbohydrates introduced daily, but that each dish was absolutely keto.

A couple of friends brought some spaghetti. I told them that if at the end of the dinner, if they were still hungry, I’d cook them. One of them put on the pot!

When I uncovered the dishes on the table there was a moment of complete silence.

There was ham, slices of bresaola rolled with provolone sticks, biscuits made with chia, sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds cooked in the oven and with tomatoes cut into very small cubes, olive oil, oregano and basil, a big plate of Gricia with very low carb pasta, diced turkey with capers, grilled zucchini, an egg roll stuffed with cheese and ham, a pizza with a zucchini crust, a roll made with zucchini and eggs stuffed with cheese and arugula, Parmesan chips, green salad. There was even bread made with the ketoflour to clean up dishes!.

They all started to eat with skepticism, but after a while, they said it was all yummy and they couldn’t believe to the notes on every dish with the total amount of carbs.

The dish that had the most was the Gricia, but they ate only a little plate little because full of other things.

When we finished to eat and we removed the dishes desolately empty I brought in the desserts.

There was a magnificent Caprese powdered with icing 0 carb Erythritol, chia seed pudding, a cheesecake without a cookie base, a keto-choco fudge and little glasses with a base made with one of my cookies recipes, softened cream cheese with a little of whipping cream, sweetened with Erythritol and a few drops of vanilla. On the top of the cream I put a Blueberry and a teaspoon of Blueberry 0 carb syrup.

When I took out the coffee ice-cream from the freezer they all started to clap hands with joy!

They finished everything. They ate the crumbs too!

At the end of dinner they couldn’t believe that they have eaten such a little amount of carbs.

They were satiated, but didn’t feel full.

When they went away I gave them back their spaghetti … of course raw!

Do they will still talk about how bad is my keto-diet?

I hope I convinced them that it’s a very good diet!


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