This the experience of Sandra Barilli:

I’m 51 years old and I’ve been suffering from headaches since I was a child. Under the supervision of a headaches-center I tried many prophylaxis and many different triptans (abusing them made them losingtheir effectiveness).
I started my first diet on the first of October, 2014. Before that I
had an average of 14 cephalalgies per month, and I could get reliefonly using triptans. During diet the average is 5 and sometimes I can even getbetter just using a common analgesic: it was never the case before;not only that, but they are also softer!
After the first three months of diet I stopped taking Laroxyl and
Inderal without any problems, actually I even felt better.
I lost about 9 kg of weight, then I made it steady, since I didn’t
need to lose more.
The actual important thing was.. feeling a normal human being! No
fears of having headaches at the worst possible times, no need to besure to have drugs in the purse.. no worries about losing holidays orparties. A new life.
It wasn’t easy, I had to work hard because the desire of eating pasta,fruit, even bread was strong. It’s hard to go to a restaurant with friends or’s difficult to listen to comments about the
weight loss, or about a diet which appears absurd (even to doctors).The worst was my mother, she would offer me bread, pasta, sweets every single day! But even if it was hard, nothing came close to “just” a week of cephalalgies.
Because I work with honey, last April I had to interrupt the diet.
Some months after the pains were back, so as soon as the “honey
season” finished I started the diet again, and I’m currently on it.
This time since I have more experience I’m trying new recipes, and the food is way more tasteful (of course accordingly to the diet). Thus I can please my palate and at the same time have very good results about the headaches. Last month I took only two triptans and two common analgesic, with the latter being less strong than what I was used to. For whoever suffers headaches, whoever is unsure about this method: I strongly advice you to go on this diet. If you have just started: don’t give up, because it is well worth it! 

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