Maria Grazia

my name is Maria Grazia Guerrazzi, 56 years old, I live in Rome, Italy.
My headache started 1973 and kept on until January 2015.
Often I considered euthanasia during those past years because of the pain… the pain was unbearable and one never knows if and when it will have an end.
In December 10th 2014 I went at a Doctor for a visit as a practitioner in order to ask to start the ketogenic prophylaxis against the caphalagy. Since that day I was reborn!

Started the diet, I immediately stopped other drugs ( i usually took anti-epileptics drugs twice a day).
Today, if necessary, I take a painkiller.
Meanwhile I could celebrate my first year without headaches.
Today I can make plans, and I can support initiatives that interest me … I did not remember that you could be so “light” and happy.
Today my family is more relaxed … not only my husband and my son.. but also everyone around me ..

Doc , nickname given to my doctor, has always been for me and for all of us, in the group of persons suffering on headache, a constant and responsive presence. A friend.
I do not know how he does, but has the special gift of always being there, for everyone with tips encouragement, laughter, studies.

I hope that this testimony could be important for other people who have headaches because a normal and beautiful life may be available for everyone: it is easy to follow the diet after learning the rudiments.

your faithfully
Maria Grazia Guerrazzi

Le 13/03/2016 Maria Grazia Guerrazzi


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