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I started the ketogenic diet in November 2014.

Until then, I suffered from chronic cluster headache and chronic migraine with and without aura.

Migraine appeared in the first years of my life, as I remember myself suffering that pain already at the nursery school; while cluster headache appeared in my late twenties, I do not have precise memories about that because it was a period of great changes in my life and I had little time to think about my sickness. I only remember that I swallowed any medications that I could find to be able to live.

Migraine turned chronic even before I became an adult, while cluster headache turned chronic in the early 2000s.

In the last 10 years, until February 2015, I must have had hardly 30 days without cluster headache, while migraine gave me breath a few hours on a few days per month, but for the rest of my days my head was always plunged into the pain.

Thinking about my life, as long as I lived with my birth family nobody has ever wanted to talk about my sickness, as if it was something to be ashamed of. I wondered why we could talk about the others’ illness while we had to conceal mine.

Unfortunately when it’s your head to hurt, people think it depends on brain problems, and that so much pain can only be caused by wrong behavior or attitude.

It comes to my mind one of my sisters asking me a thousand of questions about what I had done to get such a vomit and other effects of the pain, she could not understand how was it possible, while I felt that everybody in my family thought I was the cause of all that sickness.

Later on, when many doctors too said it was impossible to have headache every day, even I gradually started to think I myself was the cause of my sickness. That is the worse thought I’ve ever made.

How long it took to understand that my head was right and that the “only” problem I had was a disease mostly unknown at that time.

I’ve grown up this way, always with my head aching little or much every day, even if I only counted days with a strong pain, otherwise nobody would believe me – indeed they never believed me.

Mariella, a childhood friend of mine I’m still in touch with, told me that she well remembers my perpetual sickness, she also remembers all the times they brought me home from school because of the strong pain.

It makes me feel good listening to her words, they are like a precious balm that heals many wounds, it is as if I took care of the little girl I was and of her sickness, although that little girl made it despite everything.

Here self-confidence reaches vertiginous peaks.

In my life I’ve tried all sorts of things with scarce and fluctuating benefits, until I started the ketogenic diet. By now it’s more than a year I’ve been following it

Results: cluster headache expired on 2nd April 2015, and migraine attacks firstly halved and since last 10th January I’ve only had 10 hours of pain, and not even too strong.

I’ll keep on following the ketogenic diet as far as I can, my blood test are ok and I’m fine. I’m almost 65 and I’ve got the energy of a girl of 18

I feel a deep love for those who suffer from these diseases, and I would like that SHE (headache) had the right visibility.

I fight for that and sometimes discouragement overwhelms me.

You just cannot let that a pain that accompanies a person for her/his lifetime goes unnoticed. No, you just cannot.

Thank you so much to all those who always help us.

I love you


Ferrara (Italy)

P.S.I asked Rita (my son’s fiancée) to translate this text for me, unfortunately I have not a word of English.


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