Fabio Mancioli, 52 y.o., from Florenze, Italy

I am a Cluster headache suffering

My first Cluster started a saturday morning, suddenly, lasting exactly one month. I had no diagnosis, with everything involved in that,. Two or three attacks a day.
After two years of total remission a new cluster started, lasting five weeks this time. No diagnosis again and the migraine drugs were totally useless.
Another year of remission, and another cluster, lasting two months. This time, finally, i had a diagnosis and the neurologist gave me imigran and oxygen.
In a couple years clusters started becoming longer and stronger, while the remission were shorter, until i became chronic. I refused the usual prophylaxis given to clusterheads like me.
I “lived” almost two years in a range of 6/8 attacks a day, at least 3 during the night. sleeping was impossible, and i was spending the day dealing with strong shadows.

Then i found on youtube some videos talking about the successful experimentation of psylocibe (“magic mushrooms”) and other molecules similar to LSD in treating CH.
I found a forum, cluster buster, and started growing my own mushrooms. My life was back, finally.
I made it for three years. Every four or six months the beast was back, but it was killed in three or four “applications”. However i had two or three weeks dealing with it.
On August, 2014, my doctor suggested the keto diet on CH sufferer, since it was very successful with migraine, and i tried. The transition from mushrooms to diet was pretty easy (since that i totally stopped mushrooms). I was in remission when i started it and i still am, but every time i make a mistake with the diet i pay it with night attacks. That is the proof the diet is working, IMHO.
Right now it’s about 18 months since i started it and the remission seems to be more stable than the one i had with mushrooms. There aren’t even those little clusters i had to take using mushrooms.

After the first month i started “bothering” daily Dr. Di Lorenzo about foods, nutrition etc. Now the diet is my regular way of eating. It’s easy to recognize which food i can eat and i don’t have trouble even eating outside with friends. finally i found a working therapy, with no side effects and no drugs.
To be honest there only a little problem dealing with it: opposed to the other headache sufferer, i have always been too slim. While it’s pretty easy to loose weight with this diet,it is also difficult to maintain your weight.
However i had also benefits in the sport I perform as an amateur.

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